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At FoxStudio we're always ready to get your business ready for launch.

Do you need a new site or an upgrade from your current website or webstore? FoxStudio is here to help! Our designers and coders have a combined 25 years of coding experience. Some dating back to 2007

Our Projects

A quick look at our recent projects to convince you

Dellusion Records

A record label for starting producers who want to grow in the industry of music production. With a helpful and supportive A&R team, they'll take you along the way


A forum for a CS:GO YouTuber named Steeve. His content may not be for the masses, but a large portion of subscribers (nearly 13.000) on YouTube and over 4.000 members in his Discord.

More coming soon.

Stay tuned. More highlighted projects will be here soon.




  • 20 fully designed pages
  • FoxStudio SuperSecure™*
  • Help Desk Basic
  • Amplify*
  • 2 revisions



  • 50 fully designed pages
  • FoxStudio SuperSecure™*
  • Help Desk Webstore
  • Amplify*
  • Dedicated Admin Panel
  • High Priority Help
  • 4 revisions

Custom Made


  • 100+ fully designed pages
  • FoxStudio SuperSecure™*
  • Help Desk Premium
  • Amplify*
  • Dedicated Admin Panel
  • Premium Priority Help
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Test server provided by FoxStudio**

* = Speed and security may very depending on the server hosting provider. Contact your hosting provider if Amplify and FoxStudio SuperSecure™ are compatible with your hosting package

** = Test server is provided solely for testing purposes. This is not the final server used for production.

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